“Well, sort of. I just had a story to tell that you might appreciate, and it concerns your comic in a semi-big way :)

A friend of mine is heading to basic training in a couple days and to Afghanistan soon after that. Since he’s been a long time manly guys fan, me friends and I knew we had to get him a gift that was both practical, manly, and bad ass.

So we pooled our money to buy him a ka-bar combat knife (dangerous, practical, and manly, yeah?) but it wasn’t quite good enough for him yet. So we went to a specialty engraver and had him etch ‘strength +1’ onto the knife’s side. Since it was then a magical weapon we knew it could deal damage to ghosts, so he would be extra safe. But that was still not enough.

So we wrote him a DnD character sheet and drew a picture for an epic level fighter who was 12 stories tall made of radiation, and wrapped the knife up in it to help imbue it with more awesome. It still wasn’t strong enough though, and we felt deeply concerned about the state of things.

Finally one of our party had a lightbulb moment and printed out large colour copies of the DnD page of Manly Guys, and we wrapped the entire gift in Manly Guys Doing Manly Things wrapping paper and lo, it was complete.

I know it might not sound like that big of a deal, but it was awesome to hear him laugh when he saw the wrapping paper, and I think it lent a punch of manliness to the gift as a whole. Not sure if you’d care, but it made me smile so I hope it makes you smile a bit too.

Thanks for your awesome comic. You’re inspiring real manly men every day with your badass humor.


Just wanted to post this because it gave me the warm fuzzies.